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Life’s Better in the Bahamas

Life is better in the bahamas

Life is better in the bahamasIf you are stressed out with your life or if you want to spend some days in the lap of nature there cannot be a better place to visit than Bahamas. The calm waters, cool winds and beautiful beaches have earned Bahamas the rightful place in world tourism. Bahamas offers a range of great beaches, some sites with extreme beauty and rare species of animals. Whether you like boating, sailing, fishing or snorkeling there is a lot to offer in this country. Bahamas has also become a great destination for the Honeymooners. My intention of visiting Bahamas was just to spend some quality time with my family and relieve the stress of everyday life. I am not much of a water guy, but the pictures of Bahamas beaches pulled me like a magnet and I decided to take the tour during my Christmas vacations.


I fell in love with Bahamas at the very first sight. Just before the plane landed at Nassau airport I caught a glimpse of the clean blue water and I couldn’t wait to get off the flight and run off to the beaches. While in Bahamas I truly enjoyed the quaint and clam life of the people. There was no scope for any stress. Life indeed seems better when you are in Bahamas. Through my tour I visited some fabulous spots. I would like to share some of them with you today.


  • Nassau: As mentioned before my first destination was the capital of Bahamas, Nassau. The city is beautiful, but what are more beautiful are the cays and coves that lie near the coastlines. Bahamas was prominent hideout for the pirates. Some of the pirate legacies have still survived in the cays and channels. You will hear a lot of interesting pirate stories soon after you arrive in the city. If you want to enjoy these stories then a visit to the Pirates of Nassau Museum should be on your cards.
  • Eleuthera & Harbour Island: This beach has been listed as one of the world’s top 10 beaches. The pink sand at this long stretching beach is amazing. There are plenty of scopes to lie down and enjoy the beauty of this beach.
  • Grand Bahama Island: A reef protected shoreline that has several cays. The beaches have powdery sands and it stretches across 90 miles along the Southern Bahamas shoreline. It is a secluded and quite beach where you can reflect upon your inner self. There are open air vendors market and other shopping areas in close proximity to the beach.
  • Ardastra Zoo: If you are an animal lover then you would simply love a visit to this zoo. This is a conservation centre for various Bahaman species. You can catch a glimpse of the boa constrictor, raptor and feathered parrots. There are many exotic species of plants also arranged within the zoo.
  • The Exumas: This is a small fishing village having many historic structures. There are ruins of an old cotton plantation and many colonial ruins. There are spots that overlook the sea.


In between visiting these tours I enjoyed some kayaking and snorkeling in the waters of Bahamas. When you return back from the Bahamas all your tensions will be washed away and you will find renewed energy.