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Fascinating Travel to Ethiopia

Just a couple of days back I was watching the much acclaimed movie “The Constant Gardener” I admired the movie and most things about it. However, I could not relate the movie with my experiences as a traveler to Africa. I have been to many African nations and every time I have been mesmerized by its beauty. Today, I would be talking about a tour to the fascinating African nation named Ethiopia.


Ethiopia has the richest history among all other African nations for it is considered to be the birthplace of Queen of Sheba, home of the Ark of the Covenant and contains the town of Aksum (with its remarkable carved Obelisks). There are attractions for everyone in this country. There are sites of historical worth (mentioned above), national parks, rugged mountains, serene lakes and even some monasteries. Some of the most stunning places in the African continent are found in Ethiopia such as the carved Simien Mountains that is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Apart from places of interest I also enjoyed the way of life of common Ethiopian people and their traditions. When you land in Addis Ababa, better have a tour planned before hand; otherwise you may be left wasted for choices.


During my tour I visited a number of beautiful sites and would like to share some of them with you.


  • Lalibela: It is termed by most visitors as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Truly when you stare at this “Christian Citadel in the Mountains” you will be left wonderstruck. This is a holy city built on the mountains. The city comprises of two-storeyed circular huts and man-made rock churches (hard to believe but true). There are cave churches, rock hewn churches and rock hewn monolithic churches in the city.
  • Aksum: The ruins of this ancient city lie near the Northern border of Ethiopia. As per the history of Ethiopia, Aksum was the most prominent city during Roman and Persian eras. There are ancient ruins which bear witness to the heritage of this city. Among the ruins you can find monolithic obelisks, royal tombs, giant stelae and ruins of the castles that belonged to ancient rulers. Upto10th century the Ethiopian kings were crowed in this city. It is an intriguing place for a history buff.
  • Castles of Gondar: This city was founded by the Ethiopian emperor Fasilidas in 1635. This city was once one of the most popular cities in the region. There are many medieval castles in the area and some well decorated churches. You can even enjoy the breathtaking views of the entire city atop the castles.
  • Simeien Mountain & National Park: Simien is one of the highest points of the African continent. It has ice capped peaks and the temperatures regularly fall below zero degrees. There is a national park in the region which is divided into three botanical regions. You can view the gracious beasts such as Walia Ibex, Simien Fox, Gelada Baboon and various other species in this national park.
  • Blue Nile Falls: River Nile is the life force of most African nations. You can enjoy the thunders of Nile waters at Tisisat Falls. Millions of gallons of water fall from cliffs into a gorge creating rainbow and smoke of water. It is a marvelous sight.
  • Lake Tana: This Lake is supposed to be the starting point of the Nile. It is a large and serene lake where you can watch rarest species of birds. There are many churches, monasteries and islands in the area. You can view each of them as all of them have something new for you.


Going through these spots in Ethiopia was a truly remarkable experience. Africa is after all not about war and bloodshed, there is a lot of beauty within this continent.