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The Exotic Memory of Shanghai Nights

Shanghai Nights

Oh boy! I think I will never get over Shanghai the city that never sleeps. I fell in love with the city when I first stepped out of the Pudong International Airport. As a globe trotter, I have traveled almost three quarters of the earth, but I must say this city has something special in it. The atmosphere, the weather, the scenic beauty with architectural excellence, the skyline, the traffic and especially mouth watering dishes; everything in the city creates a perfect package as a holiday destination. After getting out of the airport, I had a plenty of options to reach my hotel like Bus, Shanghai Metro and Taxi. As it was my first visit I choose Taxi. After checking in the hotel, I checked my schedule for Shanghai tour.

The first place I wanted to visit was Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower at Pudong Park in Lujiazui via Subway Line 2. And I could not take my eyes off when I saw “Two Dragons Playing with Pearl”. The tower which has eleven spheres stands upon three gigantic columns. I had to wait in a long queue to get in to the supersonic elevator which took me to the top of the tower. From the viewing platform, the visitors can get a full-fledged view of the city. The only sound you can hear is the clicking noise of amateur shutterbugs. After coming down, I spent my evening watching the marvelous lighting of the second tallest TV and Radio tower.

The next morning, I took Bus 66 to go to Yu Garden. And the reason for my early morning visit was to have tea in the Huxinting Tea House. The Yu Garden is one of the mass attractions for tourists of all over the world because of its unique blend of heritage with contemporary style. I strolled over the six most important points like Sansui Hall, Dianchun Hall, Yuhua Hall, Huijing Hall, Wanhua Chambers and the Inner garden. All the places are decorated with Great Rockery, Steams, corridors, courtyard, pavilion and many other things. But the most beautiful part is the Exquisite Jade Garden is the Yuhua Hall where I sat for a while to enjoy the gracious beauty of the Ming Dynasty.

In the evening I went to the Bund (originally known as Zhongshan Dong Yi Shianghai TowersLu Road). The Bund is considered as architect’s heaven. I was mesmerized to see 26 architectural styles like Gothic, Romanesque, the Renaissance, Baroque and many others in one place. The Lovers Wall is the most romantic place in Shanghai where couples hold each other hands while enjoying the beauty of this site.

The next day morning People’s Square was my scheduled destination. And I was surprised to see the ability of Chinese people to mix nature with architecture. The exclusive feature which differentiates People’s Square from the other Squares around the world is that it is not made with concrete; rather it is a large ground with green grass, plants, flowers and trees. And this area is surrounded by marvelous building from all sides.

I reserved the evening for shopping and dining at Xin Tian Di where one can get both International and Chinese delicacies. After dinner, I spent the last evening of my tour to Shanghai in the serene resting place of the Taipingqiao Lake and Park enjoying the fountain amidst the bliss of nature.