French Alps  I have been traveling the World for 16 years now. I have made sugar in Yiwu, Played with Tigers in Thailand, Set up a Gold operation in the Amazon, With the infamous (huagrani Tribe), Built a Youth Hostel in London, Built Chalets in the Alps. Directed Construction of a resort on an Island in the Andaman Sea. Built a Christmas market in Eastern Europe as a favor for the Major. Set up a housing Factory that built several highrises and subdivisions in Stockholm. Went to Afghanistan in the midst of a war to assist in community housing. Learned a few Languages, here and there, and I am only getting started.
After constantly being bombarded with questions from friends and Family. How do you do it? How do you survive? Where have you been? Why don’t you write a book. I have decided to set up this website to help answer these questions, as well as to encourage you to get off of your butt and get out there.. we only get a short period of Tiger Kingdom Chiang Maitime to experience, enjoy and see all that this great planet has to offer. The People, The Food, The Smells, The Adventures, The Crazy Customs. Have you ever jumped over a bonfire in Latvia during mid summer festival? Or how about burning an Effigy in Ecuador on the night of New Years Eve? So Check out our various Categories. Go check out “Get Started” to help get you started , here you will find information on getting away from it all, buying tickets, making a living, keeping up with the tax man and much more.In The Destinations section you will find useful information on many of the great places to go and see while you are here visiting the planetAfghanistan SecurityIn the Must See section you will find the places that are simply to awesome to miss. top ten things to do, etc.. etc..

I know many of you are saying, Hey I can’t afford a life of travel.. But you will be surprised how inexpensive it can be to live the life of an expat. and I also put in a Money section where I will post various ways to make money and help you to be able to live the life of your dreams abroad.

feel free to jump right on in, join the community, post comments, ask questions. and as a group we will all do our best to help you to get started.

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  1. Derek Cullen says:

    Very nice site, love the visuals and man, GOOD FOR YOU! What an awesome amount of travel you have under your belt 🙂

    Found you through Twitter, Cheers
    Derek 🙂
    No Hanging Around

  2. Fascinating blog, Phil! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  3. Hello :),

    So, I am Adrian, an 27 years old romanian guy trapped between my job and my passion. I am practically trapped between two worlds, the world that helps me pay my rent and my food and my etc… and the one that makes me happy, the one that I see from the lens of my camera, the one that I can dream in and the dreams become reality with one push of a button.
    Yes, I know, I’m a dreamer…so here is my dream:

    I will backpack thru South East Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia) only in the rural part, avoiding the big cities and make a book about the people I encounter on my way.

    So, 4 and a half months, 9 countries and hope over one million photos and stories.

    The special part about my book is that I LOVE PEOPLE, I really do! So, what I wanna do is, I wanna take pictures of the people that I will meet along the way, in their own environment, without any “masks” on, and I want them to tell me the most wonderful thing that happened to them in their life.
    I will put one character (person) and his/hers story per page.

    So, what I am asking you is nothing else than a hand in help.
    I am not sure how to promote my campaign that I had made for the fundraising of my book.

    Here is the link of my campaign and more INFO: http://igg.me/at/photographing-southeast-asia/x/5601287

    And you cold help me a lot you you could share and/or tweet my campaign once or twice.

    I am sure you have a lot of work and a lot of nice project that you are working on and I don’t wanna get in the way of your work, but I really need your help.

    Best regards,

    Adrian Samson

    • admin says:

      Sure, Adrian
      All The best on your journey. If you get up to the Chiang Mai area , look me up.
      Take Care,

  4. I was searching for the list of comment luv travel blog, my passion is to travel. I have just started my travel blog. When I landed here, I directly opened about me page.

    Great to see traveling you.


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