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Paradise Island: Mauritius


Mauritius     Are you growing tired of the hustle and bustle of daily life? Do your bones ache? Are your mind, body and soul screaming for a paradisiacal place of white sand, fresh fruits and pure tranquility? Well look no further, whisk yourself away to the Paradise Island, where an affordable, luxury holiday to Mauritius awaits you. Hailed as having some of the best beaches in the world, honeymooners flock to Mauritius in the thousands, so it’s the perfect place for a romantic getaway or just to reenergize after countless rainy commutes to work.

So sit back, start practicing relaxing and have look at the most fabulous things this delightful island has to offer:

Kick off your holiday itinerary by spending at least a couple of days on Mauritius’s stunning beaches. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of a desert island film when you visit the sublime Belle Mare Beach; authentic bamboo huts line the blindingly white sand upon which turquoise waves lap. Recharge your batteries with a deliciously sweet Mauritian cocktail sipped from a coconut shell while reading the latest thriller – heavenly! If you’re feeling brave after your beach recharge, Mauritius is the perfect place to learn to kite surf, a thrilling water sport in which you soar above the ocean like an eagle. You’ll gasp in amazement as you stare down through the clear waters into expansive coral reefs, at tranquil lagoons and rugged countryside.

While in Mauritius, ditch the silver service and indulge in the world renowned street food, which is influenced by a scrumptious combination of cultures. Immerse yourself in Mauritian culture while treating your senses to a banquet as you wander down streets full of vendors offering mouthwatering culinary creations like chili pineapples, spicy samosas and seafood curries. Neither you nor your taste buds will regret this wonderful cultural and culinary experience.


For those who love a good cup of tea, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the verdant Bois Cheri tea plantation for an educational, and thirst quenching, day out. After a guided tour of the factory, plantation and museum, you’ll be treated to a taste bud tantalizing tea tasting session where you can purchase a range of delicious teas to dunk your digestives in after you return.

Come face to face with fearsome reptiles and amphibians in a glorious rainforest setting at The Crocodile and Giant Tortoise Park. Stroll through luxurious, tropical greenery, pet a giant tortoise and stare into the yellow and unblinking eye of a ferocious crocodile at the exciting and entertaining nature park.

Now, can you almost feel the soft breeze of a gently flapping palm leaf? Can you feel that warm, soft sand between your toes? Can you hear the roar of the turquoise ocean? Make these fantasies a reality and book your dream holiday to Mauritius now!