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Educational Road Trips Don’t Have to be Boring

Throughout the year our jobs, classes, friends, and, really, our lives overall cause a lot of stress for us. Whether it be a co-worker you can’t stand or the general annoyance of having to go back to the grocery store for the 4th time this week, getting away from the things that make us crazy is important for our general well-being.

Historically, one of the most popular ways to do this is the family road trip. Everyone packs into the car and off they go singing songs and playing car games like “I Spy”. However in our attempts to escape our stressors we have created a situation in which we are bound to stress ourselves out, and having the whole family in the car can do that. However, one way to reduce the tensions that being in such closed quarters can cause is to let everybody get out and have their own space.

Touring the countryside with your family can have some real benefits. It can provide the opportunity to bond with each other and create memories that you will never forget. Road trips also give you and your family the chance to experience the different cultures and environments that America has to offer, something that can’t easily be done from a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. This country has a wonderful and unique history, choosing locations that give your family options for relaxation and enjoyment while allowing for the opportunity to learn and grow is important. You might want to pick a destination that combines both things to do, and room to roam.

Devils towerOne such place that fits this description is the Chickasaw Country in South Central Oklahoma. First off, this part of the state has all the activities that would draw someone on vacation; golf, spas, restaurants, performances, etc. In addition to all the leisure activities you love so much, there is also a rich Native American history in Oklahoma as much of the land is former Native American reservation land. There are many museums and opportunities to learn about this culture. One of these places, the Chickasaw Cultural Center is dedicated to the education of visitors on the history and culture of the Chickasaw people. Another positive is that there is ample space for all the outdoorsy activities; mountains for hiking and lakes or rivers for swimming. This could be a great place to blow off some steam and open the eyes of the entire family to what nature has to offer.

Badlands National ParkAnother such place would be the Black Hills and Badlands in South Dakota. While South Dakota probably isn’t your first thought when it comes to vacation destinations, it can provide a naturalistic and historical perspective to your trip. This part of South Dakota has its own Native American history as this was territory that bands of the Sioux nation occupied. In addition to this, two marvels of sculpting can be seen in this area; one being the famous Mt. Rushmore, the other being an over 500 foot statue of Crazy Horse, a once prominent Sioux leader. If you are interested in getting out and seeing the nature this is also a great place for it, because it has two very different environments close to each other. The badlands is plateau in Southern South Dakota where little vegetation grows. Not far from the Badlands is the Black Hills, a mountainous area where vegetation and wildlife thrives.

With all the pressures of day to day life it can become a priority to take the family away for a while and take a much needed break. A great road tripping location should be one that provides enough activities to keep everyone in the family occupied while also presenting your family with opportunities to explore and learn new things.

Jamaica: The Beating Heart of the Caribbean


Negril coastline, with its famous beach in the...     Jamaica truly is the beating heart of the Caribbean: the country bursts with vivid colors, enticing, spicy spells and pulsing reggae music. Whether you’re after a totally tranquil beach holiday in Jamaica, soaking up the sun on one the many paradise beaches, or adventure filled cultural immersion, Jamaica has it all and will guarantee an unforgettable and inspiring holiday in Jamaica.

The secluded Secrets St James resort offers prime views of the stunning Montego Bay, with luxurious rooms and panoramic views of the glittering blue water. For those indulging in a romantic getaway, the adults only resort Couples Swept Away boasts a wonderfully dreamy setting, situated right on the Negril beach, a perfect place to watch the sunset while sipping on a classic Old Jamaican cocktail, made with spicy dark rum and tangy limes.

Once you’ve torn your eyes away from the paradisiacal beach view before you and muster the energy to leave that lounger, here are a few Jamaican attractions you simply can’t miss:

Realize your dream of swimming with dolphins by visiting Jamaica’s number one tourist attraction, Dolphin Cove. Surrounded by acres of lush tropical rainforest, Dolphin Cove offers you the life changing opportunity to snorkel with sting rays, swim with sharks and frolic with dolphins in the crystal clear waters of this natural bay.

For fans of the reggae legend Bob Marley, a visit to the eponymous museum is a must. Situated on the site of the musician’s childhood home,


the museum offers insight into every aspect into Marley’s life, set to a soundtrack of the singers best loved songs. Top Bob Marley & The Wailersoff your afternoon with some sumptuous Caribbean cuisine served in the museum’s Legend Café.

With its violent and intriguing history of slavery and black magic, Jamaica’s Rose Hall is the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity in the supernatural. Tours run daily around the legendary Rose Hall, explaining the story behind its infamous and sadistic owner notorious for witchcraft and torturous deeds. You’ll be glad to return to the calming white sands of the beach after this spine chilling tour!

No trip to Jamaica is complete without a visit to the mesmerizing Dunn’s River Falls, regarded as one of Jamaica’s national treasures. The land of River and Springs offers tourists the chance to swim in glistening pools, dive from rocks into roaring waterfalls or just recline on one of the many pristine bays that are scattered throughout the area.

After working up an appetite with all of these adventurous activities, indulge in some of Jamaica’s famed Caribbean cuisine. Bursting with spice, warmth and passion, Jamaican food is like a hug on a plate and you’ll find many authentic, family run restaurants serving fiery and flavorsome dishes. Treat your taste buds to some slow cooked jerk chicken and rice, leafy callaloo and explosive Jamaican patties for a true taste of this remarkable island.

Island Adventures on Luscious St Lucia


Languidly floating in the warm Caribbean Sea, the mountainous and magnificent island of St. Lucia is a perfect holiday destination for those seeking a mix of tranquility and adventure. On this richly diverse island, momentous volcanoes tower over glittering turquoise water and unspoiled beaches are bordered by dense and tropical rainforest. This incredible island offers a fabulous range of accommodation, whether you want to recline in a luxurious resort or sleep beneath the blazing stars in a traditional beach hut. For affordable luxury and stunning mountain and ocean views, we recommend the charming resort of Anse Chastanet, which boasts a poolside bar, a relaxing spa and even its own art gallery!

Babonneau, St Lucia, RainforestRamble through the Rainforest

A visit to St. Lucia’s sprawling mass of lush rainforest should be at the top of your travel itinerary. Many tour companies offer a variety of ways to explore the stunning flora and fauna of the jungle, so take your pick from one of the following exhilarating activities; defy gravity by soaring above the canopy on an adrenaline fueled zip line ride; enjoy panoramic views of the rainforest from the dizzying heights of a peaceful aerial tram; or lace up your hiking boots and trek through the rich greenery, scaling ravines and crossing creeks while keeping your eyes out for a scaly boa constrictor or brightly colored parrot.

Conquer the Volcano

Discover volcanic landscapes in St Lucia’s top tourist attraction, the Sulphur Springs Park. Explore the volcanoes crater, feasting your eyes up steaming hot springs and bubbling pools of mud – you’ll feel like you’re exploring the surface of planet Mars after walking through the intriguing park. Soak your bones in one of the numerous warm and soothing sulfur pools, reputed to have natural healing properties.

Recline on a Paradise Beach

St Lucia boasts a vast array of blissful beaches tucked away in secluded coves, flanked by lush greenery and crystal clear water. Anse Cochon is the perfect secluded spot to recharge during your tranquil St Lucia Holiday – rest your head on the silky, soft sand while flicking through the pages of a gripping novel, stopping to dine on fresh fish prepared at one of the traditional beach restaurants – it’s an utterly blissful retreat! For those with a passion for marine life, this is a splendid spot to snorkel amidst the vast coral reefs that lie beneath the glittering surface of the ocean.

Party Caribbean Style

Although totally tranquil during the day, at night St Lucia’s strong, Caribbean heart begins to beat. Every Friday night, the streets of the tiny fishing village of Gros Islet burst into life, offering spicy and sumptuous Caribbean street food and entertaining roadside acts to a soundtrack of pulsing Caribbean songs. Hurricane Hole Bar offers delicious Caribbean cocktails from a cozy hurricane shelter and bursts with a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Don’t wait a second longer, swap your dull and dismal office for an idyllic beach and the infectious and joyful Caribbean vibe of luscious St Lucia. You’re certain not to regret it!