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There are 2 schools of thought when getting ready to travel the world, one is Plan,,, Plan,, Plan,,, The other is to just wing it,, Grab a bag, throw a few pairs of clothes in,, catch a ride to the airport, and get out and see the world.. I tend to be one of those who believe in the later. Of course there are many places in between which most of you will fall into. For me the idea tends to start out from talking with friends, about some awesome place that they have been, a documentary of a wild “off the beaten Path” type of place, or sometimes even an adventure movie. The most important thing here is to get off of your Butt and to get moving…LIFE IS TOO SHORT… to spend your life planning to someday leave your humdrum life..


The first real essential thing you will need to research is the Visa requirements of where you are going, and to assure that the info you are researching is relevant to your passport type.. Because even though we are all taught from a young age that discrimination is one of the lowest forms of conduct in our modern world , this does not seem to apply with governments and their visa regulations, Most countries simply love to discriminate against you, based on the luck of your birthplace, and the passport that you are carrying. This becomes particularly tiresome when traveling with a loved one who carries a passport from another country.

You will also need to do a bit of research on costs of living , be sure to include costs of living as a tourist, because in many cases this tends to make a big difference.  You will have to check out clothing requirements , based on weather and in some cases religion of the region. It certainly does not hurt to know a few words of the native language of the country to which you are traveling, but to most peoples surprise, I do not think that this is a major factor. I myself love to learn languages and it is an awesome thrill to be able to understand people in a new language that you have just started to learn. However you will be amazed at how well you are able to communicate with the use of expressions, hand gestures, and just simply listening. This seems to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people that are afraid to travel. But I am here to tell you that it is not an issue unless you make it one. I have spent days traveling through the mountains of Asia visiting little villages and hanging out with the locals, spending full days in celebrations drinking and eating,, and in most cases no-one in these villages speaks anything more then a couple of words in English..


Here is another issue that seems to trip up first time travelers. Travelers checks….. they are a nightmare and in most places next to impossible to cash.. I am a believer in carrying a credit card, cash withdrawal card and for me in most cases it is necessary to carry a bit of cash (U.S. Dollars or Euro’s) depending on how far off the beaten path you get, as in many areas you will not have access to an ATM or a Bank. Airports tend to be a really bad place to exchange money, and in many cases if you are in need of some local currency just after landing in a new location it is best to use your credit/cash withdrawal card. as the rates provided by the the card companies tend to be much better then airports.. Also you will need to bear in mind the service charges that you card company charges as well as the ATM in the country that you are traveling.


If you are traveling in Asia, a suitcase is a real pain, even a standard carry-on with wheels. Unless

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you plan on traveling like a typical tourist using taxis all of the time. Otherwise it is best to have some sort of Backpack ( I know all to well that they are a pain and do not necessarily look that cool, and I do not consider myself to be a “Backpacker” ) but the fact of the matter is, that most of the transportation options are not suitable for anything else,, much of the transport options include sitting on the back of a motorbike, or even if you are not, the road surfaces are not so suitcase friendly, even if you are in the west, the hustle and bustle of the subway, and public transport system are not so great for your Samsonite.

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  1. Joseff says:

    These are simple but very precise tips to start travelling the world. I love to travel and these are just very important details not just for me but for everybody. I’ll be sharing this. Thanks!

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