Glorious Seychelles Islands

There was a point in my life when the hustle and bustle of the city life had become unbearable for me. Same daily routines were aching more than usual. This is when I had decided to take a tour to the glorious Seychelles islands. I bought tickets to Victoria (the capital of Seychelles) and was on my way to visit this untouched island lying East of Africa’s mainland in the bosom of the Indian Ocean. You do not exactly have to land in Seychelles to actually start feeling thrilled about your journey. When the plane descends upon the island there is beautiful scenery all around, you start expecting greater things as I did.


Upon reaching my hotel Isaychelles beach held a discussion with the manager and learned various new facts about the islands. He told me that Seychelles is constituted of no less than 115 islands. Out of these most are uninhabited. Mahe is the largest island out of the lot and it houses more than 90% of Seychelles’ population. Before coming to Seychelles my research about the nation had provided me with knowledge that Seychelles has some of the best beaches in the world. I wanted to enjoy the beauty of these beaches and bask in the African sun. Here are some of the places I visited during this trip to the Seychelles Islands.


  • Mahe: I started my journey from Mahe. The island has granite projections and mountains rising from the sea. There are beautiful beaches in the island such as Anse Intendance and Petite Anse. I visited the local Sir Sewlyn Clarke market which is a large open air market. Mahe also holds Museum of Natural History where I had the privilege of watching rare birds and animal species as well as the giant tortoise. My last detination in Mahe was Victoria Botanical Garden which houses famed plants from this country such as the famous Coco de Mer palm.
  • La Digue: This is a sleepy little island where life strolls along at leisurely pace. There are many beautiful beaches along the area such as Anse Coco Beach, Grand Anse and Coco Island. The sand at these beaches is soft white and it turns pink during sunsets. I engaged in some snorkeling action too! There are corals, sponges and various types of fishes under the waters of La Digue.

saychelles forest

  • Cousine Island: Cousin Island is a small Seychelles island that is a nature reserve. The island is an important nesting ground for hawksbill turtles. Giant Tortoises, skinks and green gecko are also conserved on this island. Various species of marine animals remain protected on this island. I booked a Nature Tour to the island. The reefs that I viewed from the boat were astounding.
  • Silhouette Island: It is an island that has been designated as a Marine Reserve. There is only one habitable village on the island. Silhouette Island is decorated with incense bearing plants, giant tortoises and various rare species of plants and animals. Mount Dauban (which is a high peak in the island) sits just above a rainforests that is well known for its carnivorous pitcher plants and exotic orchids. Silhouette also has many popular diving spot.


When you are looking for serenity and sands Seychelles is the location you should consider. Seychelles tour was a fantastic experience; it made me crave for my next visit to this glorious island.

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