It’s more fun in the PHILIPPINES

This was written by one of my blog followers, who really loves their country and wanted to put in a good word, so I agreed to publish her note. The Philippines is definitely on my list and it is always great to hear from a local how much they love their country.
puerto princess undergound river To travel to the states has long been one of my dreams in life since I was a kid, Recently I was looking into the visum usa-ESTA form, while dreaming of my plans to go to the states. I realized, why would I still crave for going to another country to have fun, where in fact I’m already into a place that offers all ; my needs , and my desires. Philippines, for me is the best country that every individual should never missed. From our beautiful and awesome sceneries like the beaches mountains, our culture, lifestyle, and of course, we Filipinos itself.
The Philippines is famous or I should say well- known for many outstanding natural and man-made resources. and I’m also very proud to say that in our country, can be found one of the seven wonders in the world, “The Puerto Princesa Underground River” also known as “The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River , a truly fascinating view of unspoiled natural resources .Next we have the Chocolate hills in Bohol. Yummy right? but sadly, it’s not really a chocolate if you think. It’s was called “chocolate hills” because it was really like that when the season is sunny or hot, a chocolate brown to be exact, and if it is wet season or rainy, the hills are all covered with green grass. Clever isn’t it?Chocolate Hills
Next in line we have the Banaue Rice Terraces in Benguet. This ones really awesome! come to think of how did the Filipinos carved those mountains and formed it like terraces? hmm… think think think! to tell you honestly, I’m not one of those who made these, of course, I wasn’t born yet that time…. Actually, my ancestors did. And what’s even more amazing is the fact that they only use their “bare hands” in building it. This was the reason why we Filipinos tend to call it the “eight wonder of the world”, in order to commemorate their contributions.. they made us even more proud to be a Filipino. Another is the Taal Volcano in batangas. it is the smallest volcano in our country, because if you see it on top view, it’s really small but they say that it’s one of the largest volcano in the world according to some reliable source. Sounds confusing isn’t it? Maybe someday, I’m going to visit it to see and witness it myself, if God permits! hehe.
Banaue Rice TerracesThere are lots or more outstanding tourist spots that you can find here in the Philippines , but since I don’t have much time , hmm… Anyway, Now, I’m going to tell you some possible activities here in the Philippines that I can consider, Amazing, electrifying, and death- defying. The Water Rafting in Mindoro, Kayaking, Paragliding, Para-sailing and of course, my hometown’s very famous Edge coaster.. In my town also, we have the festival which is the “SINULOG”… and it is well-known all over the world. Foreigners from other countries simply love to come here, enjoy and experience this wonderful and memorable celebration. I have so much to say but I guess that all for now.
Remember, If you are searching for a special place to for leisure; have some fun, and be entertain, then your into the right place. Indeed, I’ts more Fun in the Philippines!

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  1. Liena says:

    Looks really awesome, Great pics, I hope to go see it myself some day.

  2. We haven’t been to the Philippines yet but it looks like a wonderful country! Lovely photos! If you like photography, we would like to invite you to participate in the next edition of our Travel Photography competition. Every week we publish 3 winning shots on our website and write a nice bio with a link to the photographers’ websites/FB/Flickr pages.
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    Happy travels!

    • admin says:

      Sounds great, I am heading to Cambodia next week with my camera,, hope to get some great shots for your contest.
      All The Best, Phil

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