The Glittering Sands of Spain

roamin around spainOut of my must see countries list Spain occupied the second position. It wasn’t long before I decided to pay a visit to the land of significant cultural diversity and sunny beaches. Though the country is widely popular for its beach tourism but Spain has a rich historical heritage, some lush meadows, desert zones, hills and many fine architectural specimens. When my tour was being planned I wanted to enjoy the best of Spain with my focus on spending some quality time on the much acclaimed sandy beaches of Spain.


Once I had the tickets for Madrid in my hand I started dreaming about the tour. It was a great tour, thoroughly enjoyable and I have to admit that I was wonderstruck with the beauty of this country. Indeed, Spain should be a must visit on the lists of every globetrotter. While in Spain I visited innumerous places. Out of these my best picks are mentioned below:


    • Alhambra: Alhambra is a sort of part palace, part roaminaround alhambragarden and part fortress of exquisite architectural beauty. This was the palace of the Nasrid Sultans and bears the remnants of immaculate Islamic architecture.
    • El Escorial: This structure was the center of Spanish political action under King Phillip II. The monument was built in 1559 and the king intended it to become the center of the Christian world. There are monasteries, museum and royal palaces close to this monument, all of which I found architecturally superior.
    • Ibiza: Ibiza is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea off the mainland of Spain. This is a party destination. We enjoyed the night clubs, restaurants and beach bars at Ibiza apart from tanning at the beaches.
    • La Concha Beach: It is one of the best beaches in Europe and lies in the Eastern corner of Spain. San Sebastian is a coastal town where we enjoyed the Spanish culinary treats.

roaminaround ibiza

  • Playa de Las Catedrales: This beautiful beach lies in Galicia. Apart from the sand and clear waters the rock formations close to the beach are truly exceptional. As Galicia is situated in North-west Spain so we did not get much sunlight at this beach.
  • Cuenca: It is a fine example of a medieval city. The city is located between Madrid and Valencia and situated on a steep mountain. The city has many hanging houses built on the steep cliffs. This is the most striking town in Spain; at least that is what I feel.
  • Palacio Real: This is the official residence of the Spanish king. The structure and architecture of the building is great. I was amazed at the aura of this castle.
  • Aqueduct of Segovia: One of the Roman period remnants. The aqueduct was constructed in 50 AD and still supplies water to the city. As I learnt, the structure is made with massive granite blocks and mortar.
  • Playa del Silenco: This is the best beach in Asturias. The beach receives a significant crowd on weekends and there are some delicious restaurants in the locality. Though the beach is not ideal for sunbathing but it has a beauty of its own.


This was an extensive travel list. It was tiring no doubt, but my fatigue was swept away each time by the excellence of Spain.

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